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Tailends exists to take in elderly or terminally ill dogs (often - but not exclusively - greyhounds). Their dogs come from situations of abuse or neglect and are unlikely to be re-homed in the normal way.

The greyhounds have normally lived their entire lives in kennels - initially as racing dogs and then kept in bleak conditions out of sight of the general public and with no chance of a home.  They have rarely received any veterinary care or pain relief. Some have been fed poor quality food and had infrequent access to clean fresh water. They have sometimes been housed, without coats or proper bedding, in kennels that provide limited protection from the weather. They commonly suffer from crippling diseases, untreated infections or old injuries.

Their Mission...

Tailends provide immediate veterinary treatment, warmth, comfort, loving care, appropriate walks and good quality food. Sometimes we can successfully treat and considerably extend the life of the dog. Sometimes we can only ensure that they receive the best veterinary attention in their final days and are comfortable and loved for the first and only time in their miserable lives.

Tailends is constantly struggling to meet the continually increasing costs of caring for elderly and ill dogs. The biggest commitment is for veterinary treatment and drugs. The policy at Tailends is to give their dogs the most appropriate treatment, thereby ensuring that they have the very best quality of life possible. Several of their dogs are on expensive heart drugs and most are on some form of pain relief for arthritis.

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